My name is Richard Morris. I’ve been singing, playing bass, and guitar since the late 80’s. I have recorded at many different studios.  I was even an apprentice at Unit 6 in Whittier.  I went to CSUF college and majored in Communications where I worked on live audio/visual productions as well as editing on tape. That’s right, tape and a razor blade.  Now, with Digital Audio Work stations, editing is much easier and I quite enjoy it.

Unit-42 began as a space I built in my garage to practice music without disturbing anyone. It wasn’t long before it turned into a full fledged recording facility with a life of its own. Now, I am there almost every night after work. Eva, my 14 year old Belgian Sheppard often keeps me company once the house has settled down.  

Although I still play bass in Blue JUJU once a week, and an occasional live show, I decided that recording music is really what I prefer. Recordings are forever. They are perfect. They are art.