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Little Drummer Boy Remix

Little Drummer Boy Original

Back in 1997, I purchased a Tascam 414 four track cassette recorder before I purchased my home knowing I wouldn’t be able to afford such extravagance for a while.They were pretty pricey at that time brand new.
  So after a few testing recordings of my self, I went to my friends house (not far from where I live now) and we plugged in and hit record. Then layered on top of that..His girl friend at the time sang. It was so cool! We wanted to share. It happened to be Christmas time so we thought a song we recorded would be a great gift.
   This is my first ever attempt at multi track home recording.We recorded the whole thing in an afternoon using every room in the house for different acoustics. 
  When I transferred the stems to my DAW there was not much to work with. I had 2 vocal tracks, a 12 string guitar, and the guitar at the end of the vocal track. Everything else had previously been bounced to one track to make room for 3 more. It is only a 4 track after all! So, to do something new, I copied the backing vocal tracks to add more presence. I also lengthened the last few vocal lines at the end of the song. Finally, I added a little EQ and called it good!